4x4 Raw Indian Lace Closure Raw Indian Curly

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Protect your leave out Moody! Are you chemical free? Refuse to put heat on your hair? Just want to cover all of your hair from environmental damage? Her Mood's Raw Indian Lace Closure is perfect for you. 

Our Lace Frontals offer the best alternative to a natural looking leave out. 

Thin, Swiss lace that makes it easy for the perfect "melt" into your skin. Single knots at the hairline to ensure easy customization for even a beginner. Pair this with your favorite lengths of Raw Indian Curly and be ready to get in the MOOD. 

Why you will love this product:

  • Protect your natural tresses
  • Versatility & Longevity
  • Long lasting with proper care
  • Thin, durable lace


Please NOTE: When 14" lace is ordered, please allow an additional 7 days to 10 days. Please include this in your shipping and processing time. 


    Please Note: Due to the rarity of Raw Indian Curly hair, it is possible to receive bundles that are not exactly the same. Curls can be tight ringlets or looser waves into curls. 


    Please place color requests in the seller's note. We will do our best to accommodate you.