4 Ways to Keep The Stress Down During Holiday Season for Entrepreneurs

It's that time again, and if you're like me, I know you're freaking out. I'm just going into my 3rd year of business, and it's still scary for me to tap into new avenues. It's SO important to keep the stress down. 



Below are my most efficient ways to keep the stress down:


  1. Plan ahead! I found myself wasting so much time and thinking so critically trying to figure out what content to post and getting it created on the same day. It's become so much more fluid with managing my social media, by taking time to plan. I have days where I work ONLY on social media content. That was maybe editing a video, creating graphics, or instastories. This allows me to stay ready, so I don't have to get prepared. 
  2. Schedule time for you! As much as it is promoted not to sleep, and no days off as an Entrepreneur, DON'T do that. You need to be able to be the best version of yourself. To do that, you must take the time to do things you enjoy outside of your business! That may be a weekly massage or a trip to the book store (for nonbusiness related books). Go out and enjoy time away from the business so you can come back feeling refreshed.
  3. Distribute Tasks! Don't feel like you have to do everything alone. If your business has grown and you can afford part-time payroll, GO FOR IT! No need to put all the tasks on you. Your main goal should be to have the business running without you! Start early. If you don't have the budget for employees just yet, reach out to family and friends. They may not have extra money to support your business, but time is so much more effective. 
  4. Pay Yourself First! You will feel so much more rewarded for what you are doing, KNOWING you and your business both make money. Even if it's just $5 to pay yourself, put yourself on Payroll, so when it's payday, you get a piece of the pie and peace of mind.


All in all, you have to take care of yourself in or for you to take care of your business. I hope these tips were helpful to you. Feel free to add hints to help you too!