About Us

" I've always had a passion for many things, but when it comes to hair, it's an obsession. You can always tell how a woman is feeling, by how she wears her hair. " - Chinna Plain




"Its funny because I never wanted to DO hair.. People would always compliment me on how well I cared for my hair and the styles I would achieve." Go to cosmetology school," they'd say. I'd always play it off with a " I'll think about it.. " I thought about it long enough, and here I am .. I guess... haha. Growing up I was taught that a woman's hair was her CROWN. How she chooses to wear it reflects her inner being in a way we don't often see on the surface. As I grew older, I realized like a MOOD, a hairstyle is only TEMPORARY. It doesn't define us nor should it separate or categorize us in society. I started this company for the women like myself, who want to show the world that I am NOT my hair and do not make judgments of me based on it. Her Mood is more than a hair company. It's a statement that I am who I am and the universe will love me all or not at all. 


 At Her Mood Extensions and Wigs we follow a code: 

We take our work seriously. Quality and Detail is what we do.
Whether it's the people we work for, or people who work for us we value honesty, passion and the desire to learn more.
We give back. We promise to always give back to those who support us. We support all ethnicities, origins, race, color and sexual orientation.