Shipping Policy & Processing Information 

Edit: If you need to make additions to your order after it has been confirmed, please e-mail Please include your name, order number and the additions you would like to make to your order. 


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Please Read:

 Q: What is the difference between processing time and shipping time?

A: Processing time is the amount of time it takes to fulfill your order. This includes pulling the hair from inventory, shampoo/deep conditioning treatment, order packaging, and payment clearance.  

Shipping time is the timeframe in which you order is received by the postal station and delivered to the shipping/billing address. 

Payments are processed via debit/credit card or PayPal.


You will receive your order number, and this begins the order processing time

We are unable to guarantee any sort of turnaround time. This is due to the fact that sometimes unforeseen things happen that are completely out of our control. These things can include: hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, mail delays, packages misplaced by mail delivery system, malfunctions, personal matters. We realize that everyone is in a hurry to get their items - and it is certainly our goal to deliver as fast as possible. However, there are things that are out of our control, and as we know that is the nature of life. 

International Shipping is offered. 

United States shipping

Priority: 3-5 days

Overnight: delivers next day 

International shipping 

Priority: 7-10

Express: 3-7


Please allow 3-7 days total for payment processing as well as quality checks, and an additional time frame of 2-10 days for shipping time. 

Please note that during sales shipping and processing will not start until the sale ends.



Please be aware, that any items not in stock are not for sale. Pre-orders will be allowed when announced due to COVID-19. Some shipments are unavailable to be received. I will always contact all customers if a shipment will be delayed due to COVID. Restock announcements will be made.


**Her Mood is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.