5 Ways to Save Money During Fall Season

It STACKTEMBER! The easiest time to save money, in my opinion, is during the colder months of the year. I have a strong belief that most people loathe leaving their homes for anything other than whats requirement, which is usually for work or food.

To boost your savings for Summer 2020, I've compiled a list of my favorite ways to save money.

  1. Opt for a protective style, instead of a hairstyle that would require bi-weekly maintenance. Go for a manner that would save you money in the longer run, and allow more time for something else (Maybe overtime?) Id recommend a glue-less lace closure or frontal wig from www.Hermood.co. A glue-less wig would enable you the versatilely of different hairstyles as well as easy access to your hair. Hair grows slower in the fall/winter so you can go longer in between new braids for wigs or even box braids or so. 
  2. Get a pedicure with gel polish and a nude color. This way, it's less noticeable that you go a little longer without a fill. Imagine the money you'd save going to the nail shop every three weeks instead of 4? Gel polish, when applied correctly, doesn't chip, and only grows out as acrylic would. 
  3. Bundle UP! No, I'm not talking about your wigs. Seriously, wear more clothing and turn that heat off! If you have a fireplace, I highly encourage using it. Take advantage of being in warmer states, and open the windows for a nice breeze instead of air condition! Trust me; your pockets will thank you when your electric bill comes!
  4. Shop on consignment! One thing I love about consignment shopping is finding luxury and vintage items for way less than the original price. With consignment, the items are verified and checked for good to brand new condition. You'll be surprised at what you can find. It's literally like a treasure hunt.
  5. Track Your Spending Habits! I recently tracked my spending trends using the app, Mint, and I was highly upset, realizing I'd spent over $400 for the month on FAST FOOD! I quickly ran to the store to get groceries for less than half that cost. I believe tracking where your money goes, makes you more aware of how you spend it. The key is to save money and spend wisely. 


There are tons of ways to save money. I want everyone in a position to have a healthy relationship with their money and how it's spent. That way, you have more to spend on WIGS FROM WWW.HERMOOD.CO. HAHA (JUST KIDDING) 


((not really)). 




Do you have ways to help you replenish your bank account from a LIT summer? Share them below!