Moody Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to get the MOODY in your life for Christmas? We've got you covered.  Check this list out to find out what's a must-have for every level of wig wearer.


1. A quality wig! If you want to survive the holiday season and beyond, you need to invest in a substantial-quality wig. You can get one here at Her Mood, of course. Her Mood uses Transparent, Swiss Lace frontal that is just thin enough to blend into the skin, but durable. Each frontal has 180%, which allows enough hair to be plucked without going bald. Match with your Moody's favorite texture, and you're sure to win "best gift giver ever" this year.




2. WIG STAY! If you're like us, you want maximum security of your wig, without the glue. Elastic bands are great, but over time, they lose elasticity. The wig grip gets looser or tighter with a velcro grip; you can adjust it to your comfort, no sewing required. 


3. Edges brush! A small brush is best to use for baby hairs, and it's also good to put your edges back underneath your wig. It's just small enough to carry in your purse so you can touch those edges up at any time.


4. Ultra Strong Holding Spray! Want your lace to be secured to your hairline without losing your edges? An Ultra Strong Holding Spray will give you the comfort you seek. You can enjoy both the benefits of a maximum hold, as well as a glue-less wig, as the holding spray is removable with water. 


5. Satin scarf! Protect your leave out or keep your lace in place! Satin is always the recommended fabric for your hair. It always the hair to slide across the material without drying it out and breaking it out. Cotton fabric, (like most pillowcases and sheets are) are soft but harsh against hair.


6.Hair Accessories! Sometimes that smaller things put a BIG smile on a face. Hair accessories come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. They're perfect for everyday wear, holiday parties, and family Christmas card shoots. Not a fan of jewelry? Jewel up your hair. 


Think you can handle Christmas shopping now? We'd love to know!