Moody about Vacation Hair?


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I know when I go vacation, I love to visit places with sand and saltwater, baby!  I love to Sunbathe and dip in the water. I don’t want to work too hard (like zero) my hair must be as low maintenance as possible. 
So how do you know which hair is right for your vacation? Let me break it down for you.
Her Mood Raw Indian Waves and Curls, in my opinion, will require the lowest maintenance between the two of Raw Waves and Curls and Raw Curly.
Raw Waves and Curls is more equivalent to “body wave’ which means it gives the volume and texture of curly hair, but it is a looser type of coil. 
I never recommend running your fingers through the Raw Curly hair, but with Waves and Curls, you are free to do so. I encourage it if you want volume over “neatness.” 
“Bag lady, you gone miss your flight!” lol.
 Another benefit of the Waves and Curls on vacation is you don’t need to pack anything other than a spray water bottle, conditioner, and a Denman brush. NEVER EVER USE A COMB on curly hair unless your goal is to detangle. If you want to define your curls, always use a brush for curly hair. 
When it comes to raw curly hair, it is genuinely RAW and unruly. Because of its rare coarseness, you need a little more TLC than you would with Waves and Curls. With that being said, unless you are a novice with Raw Hair, I do not recommend wearing Raw Curly on vacation. You will still be able to pack light when it comes to products; however, Raw Curly has detangled every night or every other night. It’s essential to brush through it with water and to braid it up at night. Do you want to be bothered with taming your wig or sew-in after a drunken night full of Tequila? LOL.
Now on a more positive note, its curly hair, so when you get up to bathe, grab your brush and conditioner and wet your hair in the shower. Gently towel dries it and lets it dry that tropical sun. If you know the sun is harsher than what you are used to at home, use enough conditioner to coat the hair simply. If the air is humid, the conditioner will help retain the moisture as your hair begins to sun bathe. If you wanna go with a more “raw” coarse look, I recommend using less conditioner. 
All in all, both textures are great options for that tropical baecation you’ve been dying to take all year. It’s just important to know what you are looking for in terms of easy maintenance, and what products are needed! I never want you all in the dark about what you’re getting. Feel free to ask me any further questions.
Stay Moody,
Chinna P.