The Ugly Truth About Your Pretty Hair!

It’s no secret that men and women of several age ranges wear hair extensions, weave, bundles, wigs, clips-in, tape-ins, sew-ins, whatever you want to call them. What is a reality amongst these consumers is that they don't know where their hair extensions come from.
Although most believe that hair extension is most popular in the Black Community, all races reap the perks of a good weave. You’ll be surprised to know that Jewish women have been wearing wigs of the finest human hair for 100s of years. Whereas hair extensions weren’t heavily introduced in the black beauty world until the late 80s and early 90s. This is due to the breakout of models and the industry needing to create a cohesive look amongst the models. It is traditional that Jewish women are not allowed to show their hair in public. Jewish women found a workaround this and discovered wigs. It has allowed them to still have their style without being disrespectful to religious customs. These wigs can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000USD because of the high-quality human hair that is being used. These wigs are referred to as “Full Lace Wigs” and are created with a skill called “Ventilation.” This means the hair can be parted and styled in many versatile ways without the exposure or damage to their natural tresses.
The Full Lace wig doesn’t stop amongst the Jewish women. You can also find a full lace wig on the set of Hollywood’s latest Blockbuster movie or TV set. Often with character development, the hair is created based on how the writer sees the character in real life. This style may be a specific color, length, density, or shape. Instead of stressing the actor’s or actresses’ own, natural hair, he or she would apply a wig in hair and makeup.
Wigs and weaves can be very fun, but there is an ugly truth. All bundles are not the same. Simply put, while there are many reputable companies like, Her Mood Extensions & Wigs(, that offer quality hair extensions, there are just as many companies that provide cheap hair at even lower prices. This type of hair extension is referred to as “Virgin Hair,” and there isn’t a thing Virgin about it. Virgin hair would be completely chemical-free with no manipulation. How can they provide the “hair” at such low prices? These types of extensions come from what is called “Fallen Hair.” This hair can be swept up from the floor, animal hair, or mixed with synthetic fibers to appear full. It is gathered and sorted, dipped in toxic chemicals, such as silicon, and molded into different textures. This is a common practice in hair that comes from China. Often “Virgin hair” has a corn-chip like smell; it is because of the chemicals used. It’s effortless to receive a bad batch of hair, because there is not once the source of the donation, and the chemicals cannot last forever. Although all hair is dead once it grows out of the scalp, with proper products, it can last us and grows for years! That is... if it's real human hair.
One thing that is agreed across the board is the hair extension business is very lucrative. While some do it for the money only, in India, you can find Raw hair that is sourced and donated from religious temples. It is Hindu culture to offer their luscious locks as a sacrifice to receive a blessing. While the citizens of Chennai, India, are considered the Mecca of Raw Indian hair, understand their hair is being sold and make the city millions of dollars a year, they do not feel upset the money does not come directly to their families. They are honored to know that their donation can aid in the improvement of their hometown as a whole.
All in all, when purchasing hair extensions, you have to do as much research as possible. This is your hard-earned money, and you do not want it to go to waste. Sometimes quality hair is a little more expensive, but remember quality over quantity. Would you first have to spend $250-$300 every 3-4 months for new hair, or spend $400-$700 once every 1-2 years?
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